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What we offer

We are a global leader in skills development talent testing and certifcation body, providing services to training providers, employers, and trainees across a variety of sectors to meet the needs of today’s workplace and prepare technorats for future industry demand. Our vocational qualifications and apprenticeships are valued by employers across the world, helping individuals develop their talents and abilities for career progression.

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Fore Employers : We have specialist teams in areas such as consultancy and learning design, eLearning development, assessment, in-house training accreditation, qualifications and learning platforms.

For Centres : We believe that by working in partnership with our customers we can fulfill our purpose and offer support and solutions to meet the key challenges faced by colleges and training providers.

What we offer centres

At GEMS Technologies, we develop programmes of learning, learning technology, certification and assessment, to support colleges, training providers and governments.

Our qualifications, support services and flexible learning options enable people to unlock their potential and progress in their careers.

We want to inspire people to believe they can, we have 1000s of qualifications that have been developed in conjunction with key organisations in 58 industries. That's why we are recognised by employers worldwide. Our qualifications are suitable to be delivered by colleges, training providers and employers. They are available at all levels, from entry level to the equivalent of a postgraduate degree, and so offer clear pathways to support you and your leaners to achieve success.

For Learners : At GEMS Technologies we are committed to helping learners into a job, develop on the job and move into the next job

What we offer

For Learners : Freshers/Learners can search our many vocational skills based qualifications across many different industries to find out about the courses and apprenticeships we offer. With everything from general house keeping to specific turninse wind-farming, you can see the practical skills and theory the courses cover. Over 75000 learners gain a GEMS Technologies qualification each year and vocational courses are highly rated by employers.

Public Sector : We have has a long history ( three decades ) of working with public sector employers, supporting workforce development strategies and staff training.

Qualifications & Apprenticeships : We put quality and learning at the heart of our apprenticeship training and education - GEMS Technologies is a name you can trust. Our apprenticeships are designed to deliver a progressive learning journey for the apprentice and robust assessment.

Apprenticeships are training programmes to help create a skilled workforce and anyone 16 or older can become an apprentice. You can even have worked for a company for some time and still develop your skills with an apprenticeship. Good apprenticeships combine effective on- and off-the-job training with thorough assessment.

Choose from our wide range of vocational and skills based qualifications, Technical Qualifications and apprenticeship

Apprenticeships that work : We work closely with employers to make sure our apprenticeship programme helps businesses build a more qualified and better-trained workforce with the right skills for the job, we want businesses to have the best apprenticeships available. Remember that employers can benefit from apprenticeships for adults just as much as with apprenticeships for 16 year olds. And if you’re looking for a tailored solution – such as additional qualifications or accrediting your own training, we can help with this.

Apprenticeship standards : Apprentices must learn and evidence skills, knowledge and behaviours set down in the apprenticeship standard. They are set by employers, known as trailblazers, when the standard is first put together. The standard is made up of on-programme learning and end-point assessment. Where we offer them, employers can choose us for one or both parts of the standard

Maths and English :All apprentices should be supported to improve their maths and English. Depending on the level of maths and English they’ve already achieved and the apprenticeship being taken, studying maths and English could be a requirement of their apprenticeship. Maths and English can be delivered through GCSE or Functional Skills.

Details are in the apprenticeship standard or IVQ/GVC framework though generally:

Level 2 apprentices need maths and English at Level 1 and should attempt Level 2.

Level 3 apprentices need maths and English at Level 2.

There may be extra requirements for higher level apprenticeships or particular industry roles.

GEMS Technologies offers a range of online and offline materials and packages for learners to succeed in English and maths. We also offer CPD courses for tutors to help incorporate maths and English into the apprentice journey – particularly helpful for curriculum staff not used to delivering this.

Social, personal development and lifelong skills : We offer a range of useful courses that can help prepare learners for life outside of prison. These include Personal Development, Budgeting, Rights and Responsibilities, Preparing for Work, Planning for Life and Work, Food Safety in Catering, Self-Employment.

Vocational Courses

NVQ SVQ & IVQ these courses we offer a wide range of vocational and technical qualifications as well as the most comprehensive range of apprenticeships, from Construction to Conservation and Digital Technology to Tourism and Beauty Therapy to Business. Use these Globally accepted approved industry qualifications are, international industry qualifications and apprenticeships. Our technical qualifications are also available as part of our QCA Global UK skills training talent and qualification frame work offer. a new platinium standard curriculum designed to give 14 to 52 year olds the technical and professional skills needed to industry or into the modern jobs market. 

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